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Sustainable UK Fashion

We are a blog website dedicated to championing ethical fashion from across the UK.

We oppose the ethics of fast fashion and embrace slow fashion.

Go with the Slow

It’s great to see so much sustainable creativity and innovation coming out of the UK.

British brands we showcase are working locally as much as possible to reduce their carbon footprint, but not everything is possible to produce locally.

We also promote reusing and recycling.

Sustainability is a Global Issue and requires teamwork worldwide.

We love being part of the global community.

Change can only happen if we talk about it.


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At Sustainable UK Fashion, we are passionate about making fashion sustainable.

We are here to showcase Great British brands in the world of fashion that are challenging the possibilities of sustainability.

An open place to share ideas, products, information, and processes that go the extra mile to help save our beautiful planet and make change happen.


Jonathan Mitchell – Sustainable UK Fashion



More about Sustainable UK Fashion


The SUF website was founded in 2021 by fashion designer Jonathan Mitchell.

Jon has been working as a designer for the past twenty years. He first started working on sustainable apparel products whilst employed as a Senior Fashion Designer at Puma way back in 2006.

He opened J Mitchell Fashion Design Studio back in 2017, based in Marsden, West Yorkshire.

Over the past few years, he’s been helping fashion brands with sustainable fashion design and manufacturing, during which time, he’s developed an understanding and deep connection to sustainability in the fashion industry.

In 2021 he set up Sustainable UK Fashion to promote emerging sustainable fashion brands from the UK.

Articles are contributed to the website by a wide range of people, all of whom care about sustainability and the problems caused by the destructive nature of the fashion industry.

See the services page for more info on members of the SUF family.

If you are interested in contributing articles get in touch.


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Why is Sustainable Fashion so important?


Sustainable Fashion is the process of thinking about and working to improve each step of the fashion industry from a product’s conception to the end of its lifecycle.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever you can.

The damaging ecological influence of fast fashion is indisputable and unacceptable. The apparel industry is the 2nd largest contaminating sector (after oil), sending a monstrous 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon yearly worldwide.

The footprint of each and every garment can be hard to comprehend. Some fabrics require ridiculously massive amounts of water to create and manufacture. Harmful chemicals are often used in the process.

Every wash adds microfibres right into our seas, equating to around half a million tonnes each year.

Factory workers are sometimes treated unfairly and unjustly.

Components are shipped around the world leaving behind a huge carbon footprint.

As if the above isn’t significantly damaging enough for the environment, we also need to think about the lack of durability of fast fashion garments.

In the UK alone hundreds of tonnes of garments and shoes are thrown out every year, with 80% of it winding up in landfills where they can take over 200 years to break down.



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Creating Sustainable Fashion


If you are want to learn more about creating your own sustainable fashion label or want to increase the sustainability of your brand, check out what we can offer here: sustainable fashion services and get in touch for a free consultation.

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